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  • What does this product do? Why is it a must have for me?
    ALD Water Management Solutions lines open channels and ditches. ALD Water Management Solutions is designed to be installed in earthen ditches and new ditches, as well as to rehabilitate broken concrete ditches. ALD Water Management Solutions conserves 95% of the water in the system as compared to the large water loss in earthen or old concrete ditches. This is an important savings when you factor in what you are paying for irrigation water. Every gallon counts why waste it. Water is fuel, don't let your fuel that grows your crops go to waste.
  • Is ALD Water Management Solutions difficult to install?
    No, ALD Water Management Solutions is designed to be installed more quickly than either concrete or buried pipe, which equates to less labor, time, and money spent on installation. ALD Water Management Solutions installation has lower environmental impact on the surrounding soil than concrete ditches. ALD Water Management Solutions does not require the use of heavy machinery/equipment for installation. The product is man-portable and uses hand-held tools for installation. ALD Water Management Solutions can be removed and reinstalled if you ever need to redirect your irrigation ditch. Concrete, buried pipe, and geofabric do not have the same flexibility of use. ALD Water Management Solutions can be installed by your or your employees. We will provide information and installation support. We can also recommend installers.
  • How does ALD Water Management Solutions compare in cost to concrete?
    ALD Water Management Solutions is more cost effective, but not always cheaper than the alternatives, including concrete. ALD Water Management Solutions offers more value per dollar spent. ALD Water Management Solutions' value is much higher than putting money into concrete, which degrades over time. ALD Water Management Solutions performs at the same level five, ten, and twenty years out as they day it was first installed. ALD Water Management Solutions does not crack, degrade, or spall. When comparing a concrete lined ditch to ALD Water Management Solutions, all of this must be taken into consideration, rather than just the initial cost of the product. Year after year, ALD Water Management Solutions will not need the constant maintenance that concrete will require. Concrete ditch efficiency declines every year, ALD Water Management Solutions does not. Water is becoming a scarce resource, and consequently more expensive each year. You can no longer ignore the financial need for water conservation. You lose money with every gallon lost to seepage, evaporation, and costly maintenance. More water means more crops and more money in your clients’ pocket In most cases, depending on the labor market, ALD Water Management Solutions will be less expensive to install than concrete or buried pipe.
  • How will using ALD Water Management Solutions impact my overall maintenance costs?
    ALD Water Management Solutions is a multi-use, open trench water management system that lowers your maintenance costs. The product self-scours when water is put into this system. This feature translates into lower maintenance costs. Unlike buried pipe that must be inspected and maintained for blockages or other flow restrictions at a high hourly cost, ALD Water Management Solutions self-cleans itself. ALD Water Management Solutions does not require you to take costly downtime maintaining your irrigation and drainage ditches. The first time you open the water, the ditch will be in working order, allowing the water to flow through. When the irrigation district releases water, you want the peace of mind knowing that you can deliver the water to your crops immediately.
  • How much water will I conserve and then be able to use if I choose ALD Water Management Solutions?
    Over the life of the product (up to 20 years), ALD Water Management Solutions will consistently conserve at least 95% of all water transported from the point of diversion to the point of discharge. Earthen ditches can lose more than 60% of water transported due to rodent holes, tree root systems, and lack of maintenance. Earthen ditches have a very high Manning’s Coefficient of Friction due to weeds overgrowth, and debris, decreasing water delivery efficiencies. While new concrete provides efficient flow rates, in short order, deleterious effects from ground setting, alkali silica reactivity, cracking, spalling, or freeze/thaw, they will become inefficient and require frequent and costly maintenance. Water is money…why would you flush it away, lose it to the ground, or let it evaporate?
  • Why not just lay down a geotextile instead of using the ALD Water Management Solutions?
    Riprap can be difficult to install in a creek bed, ditch, or channel. It requires a variety of rock sizes that must be carefully secured and placed to ensure it achieves the desired flow control results. Riprap does not handle high velocity flows well, and will be displaced over time; creating maintenance and reapplication issues. The amount of Riprap needed to be laid into a ditch to equal the same flow capacity the ALD Water Management Solutions can handle is staggering. Results show that a RipRap lined channel requires 2.6 times the cross-sectional flow area to equal the flow in an ALD Water Management Solutions. An additional 1.5 ft.- 3 ft. of over-excavation would also be required to install the RipRap, creating a larger footprint and additional waste soil.
  • Can ALD Water Management Solutions be used to treat or clean water?
    Yes, ALD Water Management Solutions is a versatile product that can be used in conjunction with floc logs and jute mats to create a system that cleans water. This is useful if you need to clean run-off water before returning it to the ground water system. We can help you design such a system.
  • Who needs ALD Water Management Solutions?
    Farmers, Growers, and Ranchers Irrigation needs Contain and manage run-off from feedlots, corrals, dairies, wineries, breweries, sustainable wetlands, etc. Irrigation Districts Cities and Municipalities Erosion Control on roadsides and neighborhoods Landfills Property Managers, Developers, and Builders Site management for storm water issues Permanent and Portable options.
  • Who installs it?
    You can do it on your own if you feel capable. ALD Water Management Solutions can recommend installers. Contact John Lynn or Ken Suazo In-person support and on-line learning modules will be available. For technical questions and support contact Ken Suazo.
  • What are the licensing requirements for Installation?
    All installations should be done by a licensed and bonded contractor. All projects should have an engineered design and survey completed to establish grade and slope. Private end users can install but we will void material warrantee if specifications are not followed. Some projects can be done entirely in-house by client Once you have a potential project, please contact John Lynn and/or Ken Suazo for support
  • How much does it cost to install?
    Installations costs depend on region, your labor costs, and complexity of project. Typical range on installation is $9 - 15 per foot. When you compare that to cost to concrete (labor cost per worker, delivery, materials, machinery, cleanup, and the amount of environmental impact), then ALD Water Management System wins easily.
  • Can ALD Water Management Solutions be uninstalled?
    Yes. If a piece is damaged and impacts functionality, which is unlikely, you can pull it out yourself and replace it easily. With concrete you must contact a contractor, order the material, and be out of service without water for multiple days. ALD Water Management Solutions can be replaced within hours and water can start flowing to your crops. We recommend that clients keep a few pieces on hand for these easy repairs. Any piece that breaks can be sent back to us so that it can be recycled and reused in future ALD Water Management Solutions products. You can also uninstall the ALD Water Management Solutions parts, stack them, store them, and then deploy them in another location. You may, in some cases, need to purchase new installation kits.
  • Is this a “green” product?
    Is this a “green” product? ALD Water Management System is inert and so will not interact with almost any fluid put into the system. ALD Water Management System is inert and so will not degrade because of interaction with alkali. Concrete is damaged by these chemical interactions. Saves more water than any other product on the market. Made with recycled material. 100% recyclable.
  • What if this product does not fit my ditch? Can you provide a custom product?
    In most cases, we can provide a custom solution if the client order 2 miles or more. Product would be available 20 weeks after order.
  • Are there other colors of ALD Water Management Solutions available?
    Yes. With a large enough order we can custom color your order. There is an upcharge for different colors other than black.
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