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ALD Water Management Solutions is an innovative water management solution that is quick and easy to install, durable, and inexpensive to maintain. Its lightweight components can be transported to almost any terrain, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including water conservation, conveyance, diversion, and erosion control. Incorporating more than 20 years of design and installation experience, ALD Water Management Solutions improves on its earlier models with engineered corrugations ensuring scouring speed water flows, mechanical assembly for easy installation, and fitted toggle gates for easy and cost effective installation. With its unique design features, ALD Water Management Solutions lining will withstand vertical and lateral forces without cracking or degradation, ensuring decades of high performance. Manufactured from inert UV resistant high-density polyethelene (HDPE), the ALD Water Management Solutions delivers outstanding value to its customers.

About Us

ALD Water Management Solutions, powered by American Leak Detection (ALD™), provides our customers with the most experienced team in the industry. The company holds all of the U.S. patents that pertain to open-channel water management systems, and its team members are the inventors and innovators of this unique system.

Based on more than twenty years of experience as engineers, ranchers, and farmers the team at ALD Water Management Solutions is continually innovating designs and systems that address the constantly shifting demands of both the agriculture and storm water markets.

Accept no substitutes, and choose the innovators and leaders in the area of open channel water conveyance. ALD Water Management Solutions provides a practical solution for water conservation with the use of its proven ditch-lining system that minimizes loss of water conveyed through broken-down concrete and inefficient over-vegetated earthen ditches. Using our liners will ultimately conserve more water for beneficial use.

This ALD Water Management Solutions will benefit water management markets including the mining industry, erosion control, and the Department of Transportation to manage storm water effectively. Earlier editions of the product line have effectively been utilized and proven in water distribution systems for storm water management for over a decade in residential, municipal systems, landfills, and Departments of Transportation applications.


Why Choose ALD Water Management Solutions

ALD™ Ditch Lining Solutions offers high-value performance

  • Water efficiencies: Water losses are less than 5%

  • Fast, cheap installation: 500 feet can be installed in a day with a crew of six people.

  • Low-cost maintenance: Open channel and self-scouring features reduce maintenance and annual clean-up

  • Extremely durable: HDPE material is UV and puncture and abrasion resistant

  • Weather tolerant: Maintains its features through repeated freeze and thaw cycles

  • Flexible structure: High tolerance for seismic shifts

  • Modular construction: Channel segments can be replaced quickly with minimal system downtime

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