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The Intelligent Way to Manage Water

High-value performance since 1998

Durable, efficient, flexible ditch lining systems

ALD Water Management Solutions delivers quality


Are you losing water because your ditches leak? Are you spending too much money on maintaining your ditches? As any farmer knows, water and money are lost because of deteriorating ditches that let water slip away. With increased age concrete ditches require more maintenance and see increased water losses due to cracks and spallation. Less water in your ditch, means that you are paying for water you do not use. Moreover, less water means less crop yield, which in turn means less money in your pocket.


Is storm water run-off destroying your property? Is storm water inadvertently moving from your property to your neighbor's land, causing a problem? It can be utilized as a permanent or temporary solution. When storm water is absorbed into the soil, it is filtered and ultimately replenishes aquifers or flows into streams and rivers. However, heavy rain fall upsets these natural systems. Unmanaged storm water carries debris, chemicals, bacteria, eroded soil, and other pollutants into streams, rivers, lakes, or wetlands.

concrete ditch with erosion and cracks
tractor excavating dirt to place the ALD Water Management Solutions ditch liner


ALD Water Management Solutions is in the business of providing end-to-end solutions for our customers who have water conveyance challenges. Our product is man portable and can be installed with basic hand tools by either our trained crews or your on-site personnel. A crew of six can install about 500 feet a day once the ditch channel is prepared, thus minimizing the time that your water needs to be shut off. 

ALD Water Management Solutions can be placed in the ground for permanent setting. It can also be used for temporary solutions to manage storm water runoff, to clean water before being released to the storm water system, or to mitigate excessive run-off after storms. When done, just pull out the liners and stack on pallets for use later.

ALD Water Management Solutions through its affiliated company, American Leak Detection™ (ALD), provides:

  • Patented technology that increases the efficiency and safety of conveying water resources while reducing losses.

  • Professional installation by our trained personnel or consultation if you wish to install the product yourself.

  • Full one year warrantee on the product when installed by ALD.

  • Ongoing customer service and guidance to keep your ditches running at their highest efficiency.

water flowing in installed ALD Water Management Solutions ditch liner


ALD Water Management Solutions offers high-value performance

  • Water efficiencies: Water losses are less than 5%

  • Fast, cheap installation: 500 feet can be installed in a day with a crew of six people.

  • Low-cost maintenance: Open channel and self-scouring features reduce maintenance and annual clean-up

  • Extremely durable: HDPE material is UV and puncture and abrasion resistant

  • Weather tolerant: Maintains its features through repeated freeze and thaw cycles

  • Flexible structure: High tolerance for seismic shifts

  • Modular construction: Channel segments can be replaced quickly with minimal system downtime


Who We Are

About Our Company

ALD Water Management Solutions, powered by American Leak Detection (ALD™), provides our customers with the most experienced team in the industry. The company holds all of the U.S. patents that pertain to open-channel water management systems, and its team members are the inventors and innovators of this unique system.

What We Do

Based on more than twenty years of experience as engineers, ranchers, and farmers the team at ALD Water Management Solutions is continually innovating designs and systems that address the constantly shifting demands of both the agriculture and storm water markets.

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